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Nail Street Style #2

We met Rachael at Waterloo station a few weeks back.

She sports a new trend we’re noticing more and more in nail art – the ‘contrast finger’.

At first we thought it might just be a coincidence, but we saw it about 3 more times and realised it is for sure a trend.

Stay tuned for our own interpretation of the ‘contrast finger’ (nearly always the ring finger, it seems)

Rachael is 16 and a college student. She told us she gets her nails done in Peckham, because it’s cheap and ‘that’s what everyone does.’

Rachael’s ‘contrast finger’ has stirred some controversy amongst the people she asked, many remarking that it ‘looks like a mistake,’ and even exclaiming ‘what is she doing?!’

But we love it; it makes you look twice, and we feel as long as both hands match, it looks quite deliberate.



Nail Street Style #1

We ran into Victoria, who is a hiphop’n’happening young stylist from Sideview magazine.

She was in the audience of Ziad Ghanem’s London Fashion Week show.

She wowed us with her square acrylics; clear/natural base with black tiger stripes, and gold glitter details.   

Importantly, she also accessorised with some amazing gold finger-candy. Glitter, wings, studs, a leopard. All just what’s needed to set off those pro nails!

She said she didn’t have much loyalty when it came to getting her nails done, and has manicures in lots of places.